The Impulse 2000
The Impulse 2000 is a floor-standing model measuring (16 x 16 x 35"). If you click on the picture to the left you will see a black and white photograph of everything included with the Impulse 2000. The vacuum chamber sits on top of a beautiful black acrylic base with convenient, ergonomic height adjustment (3 levels). The vacuum chamber can be easily removed from the base to give you portability for on-site decorating jobs. The black lid on this model is a stretching device which makes for the quickest and easiest operation availible for this type of equipment, with operating sizes of 3.5", 5" and 5.75". 110 and 220 volt models are both availible.
Flower Power
We do flowers right! If you haven't already increased your income with this wonderful, new lid, now is a good time to go for it. With the addition of the BW Flower Lid, you now have the ability to do what most other manufacturers have to do with 2 or 3 different machines. The new Flower Lid will fit right on top of any Balloon Wrap machine ever made. It allows you to put a single rose bud (5" round balloons, or 6" heart-shaped balloons), or a small arrangement of flowers (9" or 11" balloons) into a balloon with great ease. Live flowers in a balloon could leak water and cause fog inside. This lid insures that you test the water tightness of your floral tube by putting it upside-down into the balloon while on the machine. Once completed, you can then turn the balloon right-side-up and have the beautiful arrangement as shown below. Your cost for doing a single flower-balloon is only $1 (depending on the cost of the flower), it takes about 1 minute to make, and you can actually charge $3.50 - $7.50 for this lovely creation. Don't miss the great opportunity to make more money every time you are out with your machine. In case you haven't already guessed, the machine sucks the balloon down inside, just like the large balloons--the vial (bouquet tube) goes down upside-down into the balloon. The mouth of the balloon is then "popped off" around the floral tube.
The Table Top Model
We designed this model for our customers on a budget. This machine differs from the Impulse 2000 in 3 ways. First, it comes with a manual lid. This means that every time you do a wrap you will have to hand stretch a balloon over the top of a 4" hole. Second, it does not come with a base so you will need to have a table to set it on. Finally the vacuum chamber itself is shorter. It measures (16" x 16" x 16") which makes it harder to work with the 16" and 18" balloons. However it still gives the customer the ability to make Balloon Wraps at a significantly reduced price.