Dear Prospective Balloon Wrap Dealer,
   You will be astounded at the many different items that you can put into balloons: flowers, stuffed animals, champagne bottles with glasses, food, clothing, jewelry, all types of themes, etc.
   You will be amazed at the number of vertical markets that afford Balloon Wrapping successes: county/state fairs, swap meets, craft shows, weddings/banquets, retail, decorating, and, of course, gift wrapping in stores, malls, and shopping centers.
   As a Balloon Wrapper you enjoy up to 80% profit margins.  You can actually pay for your investment with 259 wraps at only $6.50 per wrap (some dealers charge as high as $12.00 per wrap).  What other business can be so much fun and have such high profits too?  If you operate our of your home, as most of our dealers do, you can avoid signifigant fixed-overhead expenses and KEEP more of your profit.  The most surprising thing is the price range of our dealerships:  $495.00 - $1,595.00.  When you invest in Balloon Wrap, you receive two indispensible things: free consulting services, and a lifetime license to operate our equipment for profit.  Our consulting services could make the difference between sub-standard sales and a business that is a roaring success.
   Once you have had a couple days to review these materials, I will call you to discuss in more detail how Balloon Wrap can enhance your future earnings and/or help make your existing venture more profitable. If we get busy, or if you have any questions before I call you, feel free to contact me personally, toll-free, at 1-800-229-WRAP.  Until then, I hope you enjoy these materials.