Our Product Line Up
Get your first good look at the Impulse 2000, our premiere Balloon Wrapping solution. Click the picture to the left and see the entire Balloon Wrap product line up, including details on the flower lid the auto loader lid and even our smaller table top model.
Feature / Benefit Comparison
Many important features of negative-pressure balloon machines are important to your success that may not seem important, until you actually start using your equipment.  Before you buy, compare and go forward with confidence.  These features make big differences in ease of use and the ultimate sucess of your business.
The Possibilities...
The possibile applications for this product are almost limitless. Check out this short list of the ideas we've seen implemented in the last few years.
Profit Calculator
We here at Balloon Wrap know how important it is to make a good profit. So we've included this information we call the profit calculator to show you just how successful you can be with this Balloon Wrapping business.