U.S. Patent No. 4,924,919 for Negative Pressure Method of Balloon Wrapping You get the rights to use Balloon Wrap's Patented Method of filling balloons with gifts and novelty items.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS CRITICAL after the sale!  BW is totally committed to servicing its customers with "on-line" help and a regular newsletter called "The Balloon Wrapper", packed with decorating, marketing ideas and MORE!
Customer Service Provides you with one source for most of your decorating supplies including balloons, ribbons, plush animals, bases and more.
Floating Hinge Allows seals in lid to "settle in" and helps prevent future air loss through seals.
Removable Lids When doing high volume (such as large decorating jobs or busy mall locations) "assembly lines" can be set up (one person mounting balloons, one operating the machine and a third dismounting, sizing and tieing).  Hinge is easily undone.
Safety Valve Prevents vacuum box implosion from accidental inflation when opening is closed.  New operators frequently try to inflate balloons with the opening closed.  Balloon Wrap's Safety Valve makes this safe.
Auto-Loader Lid Allows operator to mount and stretch balloons with ease.  Four opening sizes permit mounting of 9", 11", 16" and 20" balloons.
External Valve Allows exact inflation of balloon; keeps pressure constant when closed or allows careful inflation to exact desired size of balloon.
Removable Base Important for portability of your unit, allows unit to be carried in almost any car.
Height Adjustment On big jobs when you are operating the system for long periods of time, the height of the unit makes a difference in how fast you will fatigue.
Clear acrylic plastic construction and reinforced corners for durability Our first prototype was made without reinforced corners, and collapsed under pressure during extended testing, these machines must undergo high pressures and do require proper reinforcement.
Feature / Benefit Comparison
Many important features of negative-pressure balloon machines are important to your sucess that may not seem important, until you actually start using your equipment.  Before you buy, compare and go forward with confidence.  These features make big differences in ease of use and the ultimate sucess of your business.