$ $ $ Layaway Plan $ $ $


This is a plan that will fit any budget. It is flexible and designed to help anyone who really wants to

get involved in Balloon Wrapping as a business. By using this plan, you will be able to save your

money easily in the least possible time and in the most efficient manner. Here are the basics:


Locks in all pricing and specials indefinitely, for as long as you need to complete layaway.

All monies put in your layaway are credited directly to your purchase. There are

no fees, interest, or carrying charges whatsoever!

You can start a layaway with as little as $100. The rest of your payments may be any

size and made at any time. Missed payments DO NOT mean you lose anything. The

layaway is wide open. You can take as long as you need to to pay it off. Any form of

payment can be used: cash, personal / business checks, money orders, etc.

Each payment you make will generate a statement back to you. Your statement will

show the initial balance (based on what you want to purchase) and every payment we

have received from you, by check number and amount.

An Incremental Layaway is available. In this unique plan you get your machine a

piece at a time. Here are the stages it goes through:

1. When you have a total of $300 in the layaway, we ship you all the videos that you

will be purchasing. This allows you to start studying the business in advance of

getting your equipment

2. When you have paid in a total of $500, we send the Sources for Wholesale

Supplier's list. You can get catalogs, even do sample orders and see how different

types of merchandise sell. If something sells well without a Balloon Wrap, it will

be dynamite in a Balloon Wrap.

3. The first piece of equipment you get will the be the vacuum chamber and manual

lid. This gives you a fully functional machine which you can now go out and start

making money with!



After you have your machine, you can purchase any or all of the accessories at the special price, in any

order and at any time. All you have to do is keep at least $50 in your layaway until you have purchased your last piece.



1 800 229-WRAP

1 626-852-0131


One buck at a time ! ! !






First $200 of layaway monies are non-refundable, you are making a commitment!